How to Get a Bigger Dick – Make It Grow Longer and Wider

The issue of how to make your penis bigger is a central one for many men. The idea of a penis enlargement remedy is hard to resist, even for men of average length and girth. It is possible to get a longer, thicker penis naturally. How to do it? Read on.

Why Get Larger?

Everyone says that size doesn’t matter. If it matters to you, take it seriously. Your dick is the crown of your manhood. If getting bigger will make you more confident, or give you more sexual satisfaction, go for it.

How to Get a Bigger Dick, the Natural Way

Having a big dick is a goal that might seem far off, but it’s easily achievable with commitment and discipline. There are several strategies for enlargement that don’t involve prescription pills, injections or surgical intervention.

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The keys to growing your cock bigger without pills are exercise, diet, and mindset. These will be the main components of a regimen that will have you seeing results in three months. You’ll also want to develop standards of measurement, so you can track your progress. Most people measure girth with a cloth tape and length with a standard ruler.

Grow With Exercise

Physical exercises are the number one strategy in how to make your dick bigger. Jelqing is probably the most well-known technique to increase size. For this exercise, you will rub yourself, and apply heat and oil.

Jelqing is not masturbation, and you should only be at about half-mast while doing this exercise. You’ll start off small, at five-minute sessions, and gradually increase to twenty minutes every other day.

Cooling down is an important part of the jelqing process. Once you’re done with a session, wipe yourself with a wet, hot towel. Then apply moisturizer. Some people like to use scented lotions.

Kegel exercises are another important physical strategy. These will tighten the muscles at the base of your cock. This helps improve blood flow for longer, stronger erections. This is a big part of how to get a bigger penis.

Dietary Changes

When you look at your overall lifestyle, how does it stack up? Are you eating greens, getting enough protein? Do you eat good fats, from sources like nuts? (Nuts can even help increase your sperm count).

Proper nutrition is another key in your journey of how to get a bigger dick. If getting all those different foods in is too much work, at least consider a multivitamin. It should have all the building blocks your body needs to add tissue: iron, calcium, vitamin c, vitamin b12.

Everyone wants to get naturally large without pills. Remember, a vitamin is a supplement. You need these building blocks. If you seriously want to know how to make your penis bigger, really consider adding some supplements. Perfect nutrition will bring you a long way to a perfect cock.

The Mind’s Eye

If you want to know how to get a bigger dick, you’ll have to think positive. Don’t be afraid to visualize. Your jelqing practice is a lot like prepping a balloon to be blown up. The improved flexibility and warmth will allow your dick to grow.

Studies show that visualization really can help people achieve goals. Thinking about how to make your penis bigger isn’t a waste of time. It’s a necessary step toward achieving your ultimate aim.

Don’t be afraid to fantasize about how your cock will make you and your partner’s life better. It’s great to keep your motivation at the forefront. After 90 days of a serious program, you can expect to see one to four inches of improvement.